An Assessment is a structured and well refined process which analyzes and evaluates an individual against agreed criteria. The competence level of a trainee or skilled person is evaluated through - Theoretical knowledge through written tests and practical knowledge through on the job work and viva voice/discussion. The methodology of conduct is different and as per the job role, also as per the disability of each candidate.

Assessment process flow for QP based Assessments is given bellow:

Assessment Processs

  • 1

    SCPwD receives the assessment fee of an approved batch

  • 2

    Post training (15 days advance notice) batch allocated to the Assessment Agency by SCPwD through SDMS/ Email etc.

  • 3

    Assessment Agency to connect with Training Provider and confirm the final date of assessment

  • 4

    Assessment Agency to share requisite lab infrastructure & checklist with TP and discuss about the availability through email/ call *

  • 5

    Payment of the requisite fee through the payment gateway for candidates to be enrolled

  • 6

    Asessment Agency Licensed Proctor/ Invigilator to ensure infrastructure availability at assessment venue on the day of assessment

  • 6

    Installing test software well in advance so that assessment can be started on Time

  • 7

    Candidates briefed on the assessment platform (15 minute prior to assessment start time) followed by sharing of assessment login credential.

  • 8

    Candidates sign the attaendance sheet post validation of photo id proof for each candidate, maintained by the assessment Agency

  • 9

    Entire assessment to be video recorded by the assessment agency.

  • 10

    Candidates are not allowed to use any unfair means or intract with each other during the assessment. In case any candidate is found unfair means, the test will be canclelled for the candidates and declared DNA

  • 11

    Presence of Training Partner is not permitted / restricted during the assessment

  • 12

    On successful completion of assessment, result is processed and shared SCPwD within 7 working days of assessment


Affiliated Assessment Agency




Affiliated Inspection Agency