Trainers Orientation Programme

Trainers accomplish an important role in upgrading the skills of the workforce and learners to meet technological changes and challenges at the workplace. Trainers can excel in their job once they understand learning needs and capabilities of the learners, in our sector, persons with disabilities. It is important because people of different age groups and people with different disabilities have different learning abilities, which should be considered by a trainer while training them. Sector Skill Council’s Training of Trainer (ToT) Program prepares trainers to effectively: instruct, train, advice and assess people taking part in the training programs aligned to Disability related NOS. The primary objective of ToT program is to introduce the trainers to the changing space of training in the country. With the setting up of Sector Skill Councils and advent of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for various job roles across sectors, it is important for the existing and aspiring trainers to be up-to-date with all these developments. A trainer can deliver great results only when he/she understands the basics and is able to cater to needs of the learners.

The ToT program consists of the following modules:

  1. Introduction to Qualification Packs and NOS
  2. Basics of Adult Learning Theories/Principles
  3. Responsibilities of a Trainer
  4. Training on relevant NOS of the given Job Role

SCPwD Top-up TOT module

After Successful completion of training from the relevant sectors, Trainers will have to undergo Disability sensitization training from SCPwD, after completion of which the Trainer shall be certified as an inclusive Trainer

Calendar of ToT/ToA

Skill Council for Persons with Disability

Training Calendar for Trainers and Assessors for the upcoming months is yet to be released.

Program for

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Program Dates


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Duration of ToT

  1. Domain SSC training, RPL & Platform Training – 10 days
  2. Top up Module (Disability Orientation & Sensitization) – 4 days

Top-up module (Disability Orientation & Sensitization) consists of following modules:

  1. Introduction to Disability Types
  2. Introduction to Expository
  3. Teaching Methodology for different types of Disability
  4. Responsibilities of a Trainer
  5. Training on relevant NOS of the given Job Role

Assessor Orientation Programme

Assessors play crucial role in the Assessment Process. Assessor needs to understand the SSC assessment process with respective of Qualification Pack and its NOSs. SCPwD organizes Assessor Orientation Programs with the aim of guiding the Assessors and Assessment Agencies to follow the proper procedure while conducting the Assessment process.

The Objective of the Program is to help the Assessors in understanding the various schemes, Qualification Packs (QP) and Assessment relevant to SCPwD, Assessment Criteria and marks allocations, Assessment process, understand and perform Pre-& Post Assessment process and fulfill its requisites.

The program consists of following sessions:

  1. About SCPwD.
  2. About various Scheme.
  3. Introduction to QP and NOS/Expository.
  4. Types of Disability
  5. Types of Training and Assessment.
  6. Assessment Process for each disability
  7. Assessment Methodology - Viva/Practical/Knowledge Test.
  8. Assessors – Empanelment, Post Empanelment, Assessment Teams.
  9. Roles and responsibilities of Assessors.


Name : Mr. Deepak Sareen
Designation : Head - Operations (Marketing & Partnerships)
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