Dr Anthony James Bailey

         Professor and Chair of Child and Adolescent
         Institute of Mental Health Chair
         University of British Columbia




Professor Anthony James Bailey is one of the world’s most respected and renowned experts, with over 25 years of global experience. Professor Bailey is currently Chair of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia at Vancouver, Canada. Prior to this, Professor Bailey was the Cheryl and Reece Scott Chair: the first medical chair devoted to the study of autism and Professor at University of Oxford, UK.

Professor Bailey has pioneered the clinical and scientific research in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders since 1992 as part of the International Scientific Research Groups and Advisory Councils. Over the years, Professor Bailey’s work has diversified on directly working with affected adults with intellectual abilities in the normal range. Professor Bailey provides guidance to employment advisers and leads conference on employment issues for employable adults with ASD. A new provincial Autism Centre is opening in Vancouver and Professor Bailey is working on evaluating their employment initiative. He is also working on group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy intervention that would teach the executive skills necessary for success in employment. Professor Bailey is a Member of Research and Scientific Committee of Canadian Academy Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Professor Bailey visited India for the first time in 2004 as part of the top-level UK- India collaboration, where in global experts such as Professor Bailey were invited to India to share the world class experience and also provide guidance and advice to subject experts and medical professionals. Professor Bailey's commitment to the work in India is most inspiring.