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Skill Council for Persons with Disability

A Dynamic and evolving organization with a National Vision and focus of skilling Persons with Disability, The Skill Council for Persons with Disability (SCPwD) was incepted in October 2015 to offer Persons with Disabilities meaningful, industry relevant, skill based training.

The Organization was promoted by Confederation of Indian Industry under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. It targets skill development of People with Disabilities as per industry needs which can help them to be gainfully employed and contribute to India’s growing economy.

All initiatives taken by SCPwD empowering PwD (Persons with Disability), move towards formulating local and national level strategies for shaping the future of PwD in India.

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IMPORTANT: PwD TCs and Target - PMKVY 2.0

Dear Training Providers:

As you may be aware, as of now, SCPwD has the approval to affiliate a maximum of 160 PwD exclusive Training Centres (TCs) for target allocation under PMKVY 2.0, except those who get affiliated through RFP process initiated by NSDC.

Our request to increase the number beyond 160 has not yet been considered for approval. In the interim, out of 160 affiliated TCs, 70 were found to be non- compliant and non-performing despite being allotted the target as per their capacity and request. SCPwD had requested NSDC to weed out these 70 PwD exclusive TCs from the system with a view to replace them with 70 fresh PwD TCs within 160.

However, target allocation to the newly on-boarded PwD exclusive TCs have not yet been processed by NSDC. Matter is being followed up.

As you are also aware, the newly commissioned Skill India Portal (SIP) did not provide for PwD related functionality. An interim arrangement was worked out and effective 4 th October, 2019 the SIP became operational with limited functionality in respect of PwD.

A large number of TPs have been registering their TCs for SCPwD affiliation since it has been kept open on SIP by NSDC and SCPwD is obliged to conduct the desktop assessment and the physical assessment of TCs till specifically advised otherwise by NSDC.

In view of the foregoing, TPs/ TCs are requested to have their own evaluation on proceeding further during 2019-20 for PMKVY 2.0. While SCPwD would make efforts for facilitation as may be possible, it is needless to state that recommendation for any TC is made with a clear understanding that accreditation and affiliation in no way compels NSDC to allocate targets. This has been made clear and conveyed to individually to each TP/ TC even in writing prior to physical inspection.

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