Affiliation of PwD Exclusive TCs for 2019-20 - PMKVY 2.0

In order to address various queries coming from different TPs across the country in respect of affiliation for PwD numbers under PMKVY 2.0 for the year 2019-20, Training Providers kindly note:

In addition to the RFP released by NSDC for the allocation of target under PMKVY 2.0 for the year 2019-20, reference 2. c. (Section on Background), Training Providers willing to create PwD exclusive Training Centres (TCs) to conduct training programme for PwD exclusive batches can also directly register themselves and on-board their PwD exclusive TCs through Skill India Portal (SIP) in favour of SCPwD.

It may be noted that the Training Providers will need to fulfill the updated training center accreditation and residential guidelines as are available on SMART portal of NSDC. We are sharing the link to facilitate convenience to download and study the guidelines before applying for accreditation and affiliation of TCs.



User Guideline TP Registration

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User Guideline TC Registration

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Residential Guideline:

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Accreditation Standard Guideline

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SCPwD Job Roles (available on SDMS)

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Accessibility Guideline

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Tangible Benefits for PwD Training

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